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      We Are A Family Business

      The Montano Family really cares about the environment in which your family lives. That is why we only clean with non-toxic products.
      Deisy Montano
      Owner and founder of Nordland Cleaning Services

      Deisy worked 7 years as a cleaning member for other professional cleaning company and 6 years as office manager. Later she decided to start her own cleaning company.

      With all the experience as cleaning member and customer service, she is more then ready to provide an excellent services in detailing about the cleaning services and customer services.

      She is also qualified to provide estimates, answer billing questions and handle inquiries regarding our services .

      Edwin Montano

      Owner and founder of Nordland Cleaning Services

      Edwin together with his wife Deisy Montano decided to expand their successful cleaning business venture.

      Edwin was raised in Bethesda, MD and he deeply cares about his community and the environment.​

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