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      Do you ever wonder how you should clean your most used objects and handheld devices?

      From our smartphones and remote controls, to our tablets, computers, and coffee makers – think about it! We’re almost always in constant contact with these items from day-to-day.

      This translates to an abundance of germs spreading on these devices. We often overlook germ control with them during our cleaning routine, so much so, that they can be easy targets to help spread around colds and viruses.

      While you may not be able to control germs getting on the items you use every day, you can control how invasive they get and minimize their spread of germs.

      Let’s learn how you can clean your most used objects and handheld devices.

      Remote Controls.

      Did you know that of all the household items in your home, your remote control likely has more germs than anything else, including the toilet handle?

      Research shows that over 30% of remote controls test positive for cold viruses. There are two ways to address cleaning this: The first is to use a can of compressed air in case food particles have lodged in between the buttons.

      Then, buy a box of pre-moistened disinfectant wipes and pass one over the surface of the remote control. Clean your remotes once a week.

      Cell Phones.

      Okay, let’s get personal. Nearly everyone is guilty of bringing their cell phone to the bathroom with them. In fact, studies show that cell phones are often contaminated with fecal matter.

      Time to order a pack of alcohol-based wipes, such as Wireless Wipes. These contain alcohol to disinfect your cell phone and won’t be hard your cell phone. As often as we use our phones, it’s a good idea to fit this into your cleaning routine at least two to three times a week.


      Most tablets are touch-screen which means you’re transferring a good bit of germs there via your fingers.

      A word of caution in cleaning in touch screen devices: Whatever you do, don’t use glass cleaner. You may be tempted to do so, but it’s a good bet the coating would get damaged.

      Instead, use an alcohol-based wipe like the Wireless Wipes and gently clean your touch screen. You could clean your tablet with a microfiber wipe, but it won’t have the sanitizing power of the alcohol in the pre-moistened wipes. Clean your tablets once a week.

      Computers, Keyboards, and Computer Mouse.

      Once again, we live our lives by computers these days. There’s hardly a day when our fingers aren’t pounding the keyboards, which once again translates to a transfer of germs.

      The longer we go without cleaning the parts, the more germs that accumulate. You can clean your computer screen the same way you clean your cell phone and tablet – with an alcohol-based wipe that’s meant to clean electronics.

      For your keyboard, you’ll want to unplug your keyboard and turn it upside down while shaking gently. Then spray compressed air over each key. Then, you can pass the electronic wipes gently over the keyboard.

      Be sure the wipes have been wrung out well so that no moisture is left between the keys. Apply the same method to your computer mouse. Unplug, spray compressed air, and use a disinfectant wipe. Clean as needed, one to two times a month.

      Coffee Pot.

      Your coffee pot is the perfect brewing place for bacteria and mold. And, while most people don’t think about it because it’s hidden, the reservoir is a breeding ground for much of it.

      First, you should clean the pot and filter thoroughly with soap and water after each use. It also helps to leave the lid to your reservoir open between use to prevent mold from growing.

      Secondly, you should run vinegar water through the reservoir by filling it with equal parts of each. Don’t forget to put a paper filter in the basket and run the coffee machine just like you would brew a pot of coffee.

      Once the machine is cool, do the same thing, only this time with fresh, clean water to rinse it all out. You can do this routine twice back-to-back if your coffee pot really needs a good cleaning. Do this once a month or so.

      At first thought, your most used items seem like little things to think about when you consider your cleaning routine. But, they have a big impact on our lives and since we use them so frequently, it’s best to keep them as germ-free as possible.

      Adopting the above habits will help you do that.