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      Deep Cleaning: How Often Should I Deep Clean My House?

      Simplified living brings a refreshing start to each new day, and a clean home streamlines everyday life.

      Many homeowners are highly invested in taking good care of their home in order to keep its resale value up, and live in a space that brings a sense of calm and order.

      Too many people have too little time to deep clean their home, and many aren’t sure how often a home should be deep cleaned anyway.

      At Nordland Cleaning Service, we understand how the balance of work and family doesn’t always leave you the time needed to deep clean your home.

      That’s why we offer not only regular reccurring cleaning services, but also deep cleaning services for your home.

      Winter and spring are great times to have your home deep cleaned.

      Deep Cleaning: How Often Should a Home Be Deep Cleaned?

      The deep cleaning time frame of various sections of your home depends on their overall use.

      Here are some guidelines for what needs to be deep cleaned and how often.


      • Clean the kitchen—Keep germs at bay by daily wiping down all your countertops, backsplash, and table surfaces. Wash all dishes and the sink each day. Wash appliances as needed, including countertop appliances such as your coffee maker and can opener, as well as your refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, and microwave.
      • Avoid clutter—Throughout your home, put things where they belong daily.
      • Laundry room—Create a systematic method of keeping up with the laundry routinely.
      • Sweep the kitchen floor—Avoid tracking crumbs and dirt from the kitchen into the other areas of the house by sweeping it daily.
      • Shower—Wipe down surfaces after use to avoid scum build-up.
      • Bedrooms—Make the bed daily, pick up clothes, and keep rooms clutter free.

      deep cleaning


      • Bathroom—Sanitize all surfaces and sweep the floor. Clean mirrors, clean the toilet, and clean the area behind it. Keep rugs fresh and don’t allow water to soak into them. Wash and polish all chrome fixtures, sinks, mirrors, vanity surfaces, tub, and shower surfaces. Replace all towels with fresh new ones.
      • Bedroom—Change all the sheets of the beds being used.
      • Kitchen—Sweep and mop the floor. Clean the interior of your microwave, and wipe down appliances as needed.
      • Flooring—Clean all the flooring throughout your home weekly. Vacuum all carpeted areas of your home.
      • Trash—Empty all trash cans twice a week.
      • Living area—Clean all glass tables, mirrors, and wood furniture. Fluff all pillows and rearrange to freshen the overall look.

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      • Kitchen—Clean your dishwasher’s drain to free it from debris. Wipe down the top of your refrigerator.
      • Dust—Dust all the blinds throughout your home, all picture frames, your chair rails, and light fixtures. Clean all windowsills, and wipe down lampshades.
      • Cars—Clean and vacuum them monthly. Disinfect surfaces.


      • Kitchen—Clean the inside of your oven so it doesn’t smell when you use it. Clean your disposal. Wipe down your refrigerator’s inside and throw away all expired food. Wash all tables and chairs.
      • Bathroom—Wash your shower curtain’s liner and clean out the drains in your tub, shower, and sinks throughout the house.
      • Throughout your home—Clean all baseboards, switch plates, doorframes, and light fixtures.


      • Bathroom—Disinfect and scrub off any mold or accumulation of grime on your shower heads.
      • Bedrooms—Wash all comforters, pillows, and pillow covers. Steam clean your mattress to keep allergens from building up and causing trouble.
      • Indoors—Deep clean your carpets and upholstery throughout your home. Wash all window treatments. Clean your home’s fireplace as well as your chimney—or hire a pro to do the work!
      • Outdoors—Clean your deck surface and patio furniture. Clean your gutters at least once a year. Wash your siding using a medium bristle nylon brush and a garden hose.

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      deep cleaning

      What Are the Benefits of Deep Cleaning?

      Deep cleaning will help preserve the life of your home.

      Materials such as carpet will last longer and look better if they are cleaned regularly.

      Dust, dirt, and bacteria need to be removed from your home to ensure you have a healthy environment in which to live.

      Rid your home of contaminants and keep your family healthy by deep cleaning your home. Here are some benefits to deep cleaning your home:

      • Keep allergens at bay.
      • Avoid the unsightly buildup of grime throughout your home.
      • Preserve your investment.
      • Skip the daunting task of tackling deep cleaning after it’s been procrastinated too long and your home’s cleaning needs have gotten out of control.
      • Get back in control with a professional deep cleaning so you can manage things again.
      • Professional cleaning gets your home cleaner than you do on your own.
      • Improve the happiness of everyone in your home with a deep cleaning of your home.
      • Maintain your home’s value and overall look by getting it deep cleaned periodically.
      • Gain more time to do the things you love most with the people you care about most. A deep cleaning makes your regular cleaning more manageable so it doesn’t take as long.

      The Convenience of Hiring Nordland Cleaning to Deep Clean for You

      Enjoy your family and friends more by leaving the deep cleaning to the detail-oriented professionals at Nordland Cleaning Service.

      Think of the time you will save and how refreshing it will be to live in a home that has been deep cleaned to perfection. At Nordland Cleaning, we help thousands of families spend more time together while enjoying a clean home.

      Be at ease with trusted cleaning professionals

      We are insured and bonded, and our certified, professional cleaners personalize each cleaning service to meet the unique needs of you and your family.

      We care for your home like we care for our own homes.

      If you want to avoid the buildup of house grime, check out our cleaning services—a great solution for your ongoing house cleaning needs. And in the meantime, check out our Spring Cleaning coupon with a 50% off for new clients.