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      Northern Virginia is booming in population and commerce, which means construction – both new and remodeling, is being seen nearly everywhere we turn. Northern Virginia construction cleaning services is a specialty janitorial offering designed for deep cleaning before, during and/or after a construction or remodel project.

      Why Do I Need Northern Virginia Construction Cleaning Services?

      If you are undergoing a remodel or new construction project on your Northern Virginia commercial property, there are some definite benefits to having Northern Virginia construction cleaning services including:

      A team of professional and specialty trained construction cleaners. Not all janitorial service companies provide construction cleaning, meaning they may not have the experience to do the job correctly. Dust, debris and construction materials are not part of a typical cleaning.

      Construction material removal. Stickers on windows and products, dust on every surface, and construction debris such as nails, wood and other materials could be both unsightly and dangerous. Northern Virginia construction cleaning services ensure a true clean of your commercial space.

      Safe and Attractive Space. Safety is priority for both employees and patrons of your business. Northern Virginia construction cleaning services can be performed both indoors and outdoors, such as garage or parking lot space, means it is less likely for property or injury claims due to construction debris. Nails, glass, and even grease or caulk, can be power washed away for a safe parking and walking space.

      Types of Northern Virginia Construction Cleaning Services

      There are three primary types of Northern Virginia construction cleaning services. Understanding what each includes helps you make a decision about what you may need for your unique situation. A professional Northern Virginia cleaning company can give you a specific quote on your project.

      Phase. Before construction or remodeling begins, it may be a good idea to clean the area, especially if any demolition or un-installation has taken place. Don’t let old dirt sit under new construction – get a phase cleaning done to prepare the space to be worked on. Phase cleaning can also take place between construction projects or processes.

      Rough. Rough cleanings are done following any plumbing and electrical installation, prior to sheetrock installation on new or remodel projects. This cleaning is similar to a phase cleaning as it cleans up what has been completed in preparation for the next phase of workers, such as painters or cubicle installations.

      Post. As the name implies, post construction cleaning happens when all the work has been done, in order to make the space safely useable. Before tenant move-in, including employees, you want the space clean, safe and attractive, which is the objective of this construction cleaning services option.

      Power Washing. Power washing of exteriors, windows and/or parking lots or loading docks removes any dirt, debris, construction materials and other potentially problematic outdoor issues. It is a great way to finish up the construction project, or freshen up the entire exterior space after a remodel.

      Power washing services can be done on:

      • Machinery/ Equipment
      • Glass
      • Windows
      • Doors
      • Awnings
      • Patios
      • Decks
      • Architectural elements
      • Garages
      • Parking lots
      • Loading docks
      • Sidewalks
      • Alcoves
      • Gutters

      What Makes Construction Cleaning Services Different from Janitorial Services?

      Janitorial services are designed to clean your commercial space on a regular basis for general day-to-day operations. Construction cleaning services, however, are designed to be short-term projects with detail on the specific construction or remodeled area.

      While janitorial services focus on trash removal, dusting, floor care and bathroom sanitation as primary focuses, construction cleaning focuses on excess dust and debris especially in corners, windows, flat surfaces, and scuffs, stickers, construction debris, and safety issues.

      To Get Started

      The process always begins with a building audit and quote from a qualified construction cleaning services provider.

      Nordland Cleaning provides both ongoing janitorial services and construction cleaning to help Northern Virginia area business owners and managers meet their safety and cleanliness objectives. Using only the best materials, equipment and people for the job, Nordland Cleaning is ready to support your need for construction cleaning services.

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