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      Have you ever found yourself wondering if you could do with a helping hand around the house?

      In recent years, the demographic of those hiring a Northern Virginia home cleaner has shifted significantly, with more and more younger professionals realising the benefits of having some help around the house. Booking that first clean remains a stumbling block for many though, and people struggle to determine whether or not they really need a Norther Virginia home cleaner.

      To help with this dilemma, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 signs you might need a Northern Virginia home cleaner.

      Here goes:

      1. Your house is always a tip!

        Let’s start with the most obvious sign that you’re in need of a Norther Virginia home cleaner: mess!

        If your home is dirty and cluttered up constantly, then you’re clearly not quite coping! There’s no shame in it though, and many of us simply don’t have the time. You should recognise this is a problem though, and look for a fast fix, at least until you’re in a position to keep on top of it. There are a million cleaning companies out there (although Nordland Cleaning is, of course, the best!), so do some market research and engage some help ASAP. You’ll find your new clean and tidy existence is pretty liberating, especially if you’re already dealing with the strain of long working hours or the like!
      2. You’re constantly getting ill

        That’s right – constantly feeling under the weather could be a sign that you need a Norther Virginia home cleaner. Somewhat worryingly, a recent study exposed just how few people understood the connection between cleanliness and health – they found that more than half of the population had no idea that cleaning regularly reduces the risk of cold and flu viruses. If you’re constantly falling ill, it might be time to stop blaming your immune system, and start blaming your (lack of) cleaning skills!
      3. You struggle to sleep

        Insomnia, or even semi-regular difficulty sleeping, can have a huge impact on your health, wellbeing and happiness. If you’re a messy person who finds it difficult to doze off, then you might find engaging some household help to be an easy way to improve the quality of your sleep. Studies in recent years have shown a strong correlation between cleanliness, as well as clean bedroom habits, and a good night’s kip! 

        Back in 2011, the National Sleep Foundation surveyed 1500 members of the US public to determine whether there were links between quality of sleep and clean living. They found that a clean bedroom, fresh bedsheets and a well-made bed were all factors that could positively benefit your sleep!

        Guess what a Norther Virginia home cleaner can help with….? A clean bedroom, fresh bedsheets, and a well-made bed – sounds like an easy fix, right?
      4. You’re just a bit rubbish at cleaning 

        We’re not all good at everything. In fact, most of us are pretty good at some things, and pretty bad at others. You might just be bad at cleaning – if you don’t know your Viakal from your Fairy liquid, for instance, then it’s probably time to engage a helping hand.

        In fact, you’ll likely find that your cleaner is also pretty keen to share their knowledge to help you keep things neat, tidy and clean between their visits. We read a host of lovely reviews from our customers that praise the effective and helpful cleaning tips Nordland Cleaning cleaners has given them during their visits. Your Northern Virginia home cleaner won’t be able to teach you everything, sure, but you might find the nuggets of wisdom can at least keep you ticking over until the next time they visit.
      5. You’re always grumpy!

        Believe it or not, living in a clean home has been clinically proven to boost happiness, for a variety of reasons! We’ve already touched on the benefits for your sleep (which definitely helps with the mood-swings), but there are countless other ways that a clean environment contributes to a happier life.

        It turns out that the division of domestic chores causes a strain on both the platonic and romantic relationships with those you live with. If you’re rowing with your partner or flatmates about something as simple as housework, why not suggest splitting the cost of a cleaner?

        Even if you’re not fighting over the dishes, you could find that the decreased stress levels from a clean environment leave you feeling happier and healthier!

      Think it might be time you engaged a little help?

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