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      Northern Virginia Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

      Spring is in the air, and with it comes the inspiration to refresh your home’s atmosphere with decluttering and cleaning.

      We may not always enjoy the process, but the results of cleaning set the tone for productive days and restful evenings.

      At Nordland Cleaning, we understand how the busyness of life can cause us to postpone some much needed deep cleaning.

      Let us do the cleaning for you so you can do what matters most with your days. Or, if you choose to do this year’s Northern Virginia spring cleaning yourself—check out our helpful cleaning tips and tricks for a healthy home.

      Our Northern Virginia Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

      northern virginia spring cleaning

      1. Declutter your home

      Clutter has negative effects on people. A disorganized, dirty home increases stress levels and can have negative consequences on your health.

      The psychological stress of constant clutter can take a toll on your productivity too. You may have several areas that need decluttering.

      Simply line them up single file, and deal with one space at a time: closets, drawers, cabinets, mudrooms, under the beds, and garage.

      2. Clean high places first

      Clean from top to bottom when you clean a room, closet, or even your refrigerator. Begin with ceiling fans and walls. Next, dust furniture. Then work your way to your home’s flooring.

      3. Remove allergens from your home

      A HEPA vacuum cleaner removes dust and build-up from your flooring as well as unseen particles like pet dander, impurities, and allergens.

      A vacuum with attachments such as dusting brushes, crevice tools, and hoses can be used to clean those tough to reach spaces in your home.

      Think of how refreshing it will feel to get the cobwebs, dirt, and allergens cleaned out of your home. While vacuuming, move furniture and appliances to vacuum under them.

      You’ll be amazed at how great a clean home can feel.

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      northern virginia spring cleaning

      4. Clean out kitchen appliances

      Go through your refrigerator and freezer, toss outdated food and condiments, and wash all drawers and shelves.

      Organize your refrigerator’s contents for easy access on busy days. Use gentle cleaners on stainless steel appliances to keep them from scratching.

      5. Give your bathrooms a facelift

      Buy a new shower curtain. Clean out your vanity’s drawers and cabinets. Wipe down baseboards and cabinets to remove unwanted stains.

      Clean the bathroom fan—or replace it if necessary in order to ventilate your bathroom.

      6. Change your air filters

      Change your home’s air filters to ensure the air you’re breathing in your home is clean. Consider a more robust air filter for optimal results.

      When you catch smaller particles with a superior air filter for your unit, you’ll enjoy breathing clean, healthy air. And an air purifier takes it one step further in wiping out indoor toxins and allergens.

      7. Get inspired as you clean

      While cleaning, you may take inventory of the condition of things like your throw pillows.

      If they are dated or too dirty to clean well, consider treating yourself to a new splash of color with new throw pillows.

      New bedding, bathroom towels, and even placemats can give your home a needed boost in its overall style. Add a pop of color with a new wreath, and bring the outdoors inside with a blossoming hanging basket of blooms.

      8. Choose to clean green for your health

      northern virginia spring cleaning

      Harsh chemicals can negatively impact your health. This spring, clean your home with tried and true simple cleaners that are green.

      You’ll get great results without enduring the toxins most cleaners contain.

      Here are some green cleaning tips:

      Steam clean—Steam cleaners are non-toxic and do a great job of cleaning your tile flooring in your kitchen, bathrooms, and entry way. Using simply hot water vapor, steam cleaners are completely chemical-free and healthy to use.

      White vinegar

      Non-toxic white distilled vinegar can be diluted and used to clean multiple things in your home. It dissolves mineral deposits that accumulate in showerheads.

      Simply fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and secure it over your showerhead, leave it until the next day, and get rid of the ugly buildup that can decrease water pressure and water flow.

      Baking soda

      Another great non-toxic cleaning solution is baking soda. Baking soda can be combined with water and white vinegar for an affordable, healthy cleaning solution that works! Sprinkle baking soda on your stainless steel sink, and scrub.


      Faucets can sparkle again when you rub a lemon half on water stains to remove hard water marks.

      Microwaves can be cleaned by heating lemon juice in water and microwaving it for 3 minutes. Let the mixture stand for at least 5 minutes before opening the door.

      Trapped steam helps loosen up the grime, making the microwave easy to wipe clean.

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      Clean dirty windows and mirrors with ¼ cup white vinegar, 2 cups water, and 2 teaspoons of liquid soap. Scrub with a newspaper to get a sparkling streak-free window or mirror.

      It’s a great way to use those old newspapers to help you clean!


      Did you know an onion can help you clean your grill?

      Heat your grill, and spray vinegar onto the grates. Next, simply cut an onion in half and use it to scrub your grates. The onion’s acid helps clean your grill of any leftover residues.

      Coffee filters

      Gentle fibers in coffee filters help clean your TV and computer screens. Don’t press too firmly; simply dust the screens with the filters for smudge-free screens you’re sure to enjoy.

      Window squeegees

      Pet hair can be a nuisance. Use the rubber edge of a squeegee to grip and remove pet hair from your rug. Vacuum after removing as much hair as possible with the squeegee.

      Wellness is impacted by the space in which we live. And clean spaces promote good health.

      Get a fresh start this spring with a clean home. Let us help lift the responsibility of cleaning off your plate with a refreshing, one-time cleaning or time-saving reccurring cleaning service.

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