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      Post Construction Cleaning Services In Northern Virginia.

      There are many things to consider when planning a construction project. There’s finding qualified professionals to do the work.

      You also need to get all the necessary permits for the job. Then, you have to keep track of actual construction. And lastly, the post construction cleaning services.

      Yes! Your construction work is only done once it’s all cleaned up. We’re not talking about picking up all the tools and lumber.

      There’s so much more to post construction cleaning than just that. Read on to know what services are involved in post construction cleaning services.

      Do You Need Post Construction Cleaning Services?

      Several people fail to think about post construction cleaning.

      Once a house or building is turned over, you think it’s all ready for occupancy until you see some nails on the floor, or other construction debris.

      Do you need to hire a professional post construction cleaning services company to do the work?

      The following might help you consider hiring expert cleaners for your post construction cleanup:

      Post Construction Cleaning Services Are Safer

      The amount of debris left behind after a construction project is overwhelming. You can see sawdust, nails, broken glass, wire, and pieces of building material leftovers.

      Professional construction cleaners have experience in cleaning up a site. They also have better equipment to perform post construction cleaning than only a broom and dustpan.

      post construction cleaning services

      Proper Disposal of Debris

      Construction materials must be separate from regular trash and scheduled for a special pickup. Paint and other chemicals are also delivered to a special facility.

      This is for legal disposal. Expert construction cleaners can do the job in a professional and legal way.

      Quick and Efficient

      Since construction cleaning company have all the necessary equipment to do the job, they can do it fast and in the most efficient way.

      With trucks, trailers, and manpower, they can move in and get the cleanup done before you know it.

      So instead of worrying about cleaning, you’ll have time to plan for your move in.

      What Are The Services Involved During Post Construction Cleanup?

      During the construction process, dust, dirt, debris, and other materials contaminate the site. As such, several homeowners stay somewhere else when their property undergoes renovations.

      Workers don’t usually clean while they work. That’s because the contract timeline would double. They plan a post construction cleanup instead.

      Post-construction cleanup involves three phases.

      The first one is rough clean. This phase occurs during the construction period. It starts once the workers finish the plumbing, wiring, and framing.

      At this phase, the cleaners can access the site and remove debris, trash, and stickers. They also clean the area before the next construction stage begins.

      During the rough clean phase, deep cleaning is usually not included. This phase is still vital as it keeps the construction site from being full of waste and garbage.

      After the rough clean, the construction workers and specialists do installations. They install flooring, cabinetry, and paint.

      post construction cleaning service

      The next phase is the final clean.

      The second phase occurs after construction on the site ends. This is the most thorough stage of post construction cleanup.

      It usually takes the expert cleaners a few days to complete. Cleaners focus on deep cleaning all the surfaces and repeat the steps in phase one if needed.

      Once the second phase is complete, the only tasks remaining are the touch-ups.

      During this phase, cleaners pay more attention to kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. They also dust and clean smaller areas. Expert cleaners will prepare the floor.

      They polish marble or concrete flooring. The cleaners also have access to carpet cleaning systems. Specialists clean all fixtures and appliances during the final clean phase.

      The last phase is the touch-up clean.

      This final phase involves wiping down windows, doors, and mirrors. These usually have leftover smudges due to the construction process.

      By this time, the dust has already settled, so the cleaners can wipe them down. This way, they can make sure everything in the area is spotless.

      These are the things included in the post construction cleaning services in Northern Virginia:

      • Proper removal and disposal of debris and trash
      • Vacuuming the floors with HEPA vacuum cleaners
      • Cleaning the walls to ensure that they’re free from dirt, smudges, and marks
      • Cleaning the interiors and exterior of shelves, appliances, and cabinets
      • Trim cleaning
      • The dry and wet dusting of light fixtures, heaters, fans, and ceilings
      • Cleaning and polishing the floors of the site once they are free of debris
      • Removal of stickers and plastic from doors, windows, and furniture
      • Power washing and cleaning the windows and window frames on the site
      • Threshold cleaning
      • Addressing any possible safety problems to the construction contractors. (These usually include leaks and loose wires)

      Post-construction cleanup companies like Nordland Cleaning Service usually offer enhancements.

      post construction cleaning service

      When a property with wood floors undergoes construction, it will become blemished. Some cleanup companies will offer wax and buffing services.

      This way, they can remove scratches and scruffs. But these enhancement services are not free of charge.

      Some expert cleanup crews do separate charges for cleaning windows. Be mindful of that.

      The time frame for post construction cleanup usually depends on the size of the job.

      A remodel of only one or two rooms often takes a day to complete. As for larger renovations, they most likely take two to three days.

      It is vital that homeowners schedule the clean-up immediately after the construction ends.

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