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      Recurring Cleaning Services In Northern Virginia

      Let’s consider the value of recurring cleaning services and an organized home.

      What does it mean to you?

      Do you remember what it was like to come home at the end of a long day and be able to put your feet up and relax in a spotless space where everything was in its place and you didn’t have to lift a finger?

      Now add in the concerns of today – the germs, the safety considerations, the social distancing, the uncertainty that comes with inviting someone into your home to provide services.

      Let us help ease your mind about our recurring cleaning services in Northern Virginia and our stringent safety procedures, so that you can get back to your regular weekly, biweekly, or monthly professional home cleanings.

      We know your time is valuable and we want to help you get it back – safely – in this uncertain time.

      Read on to learn how we strive for the highest quality and how we’ve adjusted our procedures to meet your unique needs today.

      The Nordland Cleaning Service Standard: Skilled, Trained, Insured, and Highly Professional Cleaners

      At Nordland Cleaning Service, we maintain a staff of diligent, courteous, and trustworthy Cleaning Professionals who are both experienced and thoroughly trained in our recurring cleaning service and in the use of our non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products.

      Our Cleaning Professionals undergo a lengthy interview and orientation process, complete background checks, and endure several weeks of in-depth service and product training with our Quality Control Supervisors.

      When COVID-19, we immediately implemented a deeper degree of safety measures for our 25-member Cleaning Staff as they attend client appointments, including:

      • Wearing protective masks, gloves, and booties
      • Careful disinfection of high touchpoints in your home including doorknobs, appliance handles, drawer handles, remote controls, computer equipment, and more
      • Offering our most powerful sanitizing and cleaning service
      • Frequent hand-washing and sanitizing, safe disposal of used protective gear, and wearing new protective gear before and after client appointments to prevent cross-contamination of germs

      We continue carrying out these stringent safety measures today and don’t plan to stop. We’re also insured and all of our staff members are employees, not independent contractors.

      We’re a family here and we believe in creating a company culture that feels like a family to you too.

      recurring cleaning services

      We Get It Right the First Time – and Maintain the Quality Level of Our Services

      With other recurring cleaning services in Northern Virginia, have you ever found yourself picking up the slack or noticing missed areas that you know needed to be spotless?

      This simply doesn’t happen when you choose us – and frankly it’s unacceptable, particularly now.

      A large part of our recurring cleaning services lie in giving you back your time. We never want you to feel as if you’re sharing the work of making your space a clean, disinfected oasis.

      That’s our job. We maintain a deep focus on employee training as well as on hiring experienced cleaners who have a great foundation of cleaning principles we can build upon with our practices and procedures.

      We get your cleaning done right the first time and you can expect that same level of clean each time after that when we return weekly, biweekly, or monthly.


      We Believe in Eco-Friendly Practices and in Giving Back to Our Community

      recurring cleaning services

      At Nordland Cleaning, we’re also committed to actively working to improve our environment and keep your home and air quality safe for your family.

      One of the ways we do this is through our use of all-natural, eco-friendly essential oil-based cleaning products. With our products, your home smells like spring — not a chemical factory!

      Book Recurring Cleaning Services With Us.

      Booking recurring cleaning services – whether weekly, biweekly, or monthly – does wonders for your peace of mind (and ours!) in this troublesome time. And right now we’re offering an incentive!

      Book Our Recurring Cleaning Services And Get 50% Off In a Spring Cleaning!

      Call us at (240) 603-0727 or request a quote for our recurring cleaning services in Northern Virginia. We want to help you create a safe and healthy home and keep it that way.