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      Post Construction Cleaning Services In Northern Virginia

      There is immense relief at the end of every construction project, whether it is a new venue, a renovated building, or just a tiny expansion to your office. You finally finished the long-awaited construction, and almost everything has been completed to perfection. The only issue is cleaning up the rubbles and rubbish left behind by the construction team.

      Northern Virginia post construction cleaning is a great way to make sure your new venue or renovated office is clean and dust-free. It is a time to get rid of harmful objects and unsightly debris that steal the shine from your property. Depending on the size of the project, it may be wise to hire the services of a professional company with a reputation for Northern Virginia post construction cleaning services.

      No matter how careful or diligent the construction workers were, there will always be some post construction messes that require your attention.

      Construction workers operate to high levels of safety to avoid incidents; Raken daily reports can help workers stay up to date with all the ongoings at the site so that they stay aware of any dangerous situations.

      Below are six routine tasks to aid your post construction cleaning:

      Task #1: Open the windows.

      You should open the windows for your post construction cleaning.

      For every post construction cleaning, it’s essential the windows remain open before the cleaning commences. This allows free movement of air in and out of the room, which is essential for drawing out dust. It also helps to reduce the smell from cleaning products, thereby minimizing the odour of sawn wood, and/or plaster dust.

      Task #2: Remove the construction debris.

      Removing the post construction debris will require either garbage bags or dumpsters.

      When the project is complete, construction workers often leave the renovated area in quite a mess. Not only will you find trash lying everywhere, but there are also sharp and hazardous materials that can harm those on site. The construction debris may include nails and wood planks.

      Removing debris will require either garbage bags or dumpsters. Once you have gathered everything, decide what should be kept and what to dispose of.

      Separate items with high environmental impact by examining their material components. Any hazardous waste should go towards a waste disposal centre as opposed to leaving it lying around.

      post construction cleaning

      Task #3: Dust and wipe surfaces.

      All construction projects produce lots of dust particles, which you need to clean up.

      All construction projects produce lots of dust particles that sneak into almost every nook imaginable. After you are done with removing the debris, the dust begins to settle, giving you space to clean and wipe.

      Several things are required when dusting and cleaning in a post construction cleaning. Start by wiping the dust off the walls, which is best done through “dry dusting”, a wall dusting method that uses dry clothing material to avoid damaging the wall’s surface. An industrial dust collector can also be used to get rid of large quantities of dust.

      After dusting the wall, proceed to other areas of the building, which include the floor, cabinets, windows, fans, and shelves. Wet cleaning is also required for places such as washrooms, kitchen, and countertops.

      Use cleaning chemicals such as all-purpose cleaners, stainless steel cleaners, or window cleaners to ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned.

      Task #4: Vacuum and mop the floors.

      Some areas require vacuuming after construction is done.

      Some areas require vacuuming after construction is done. For instance, carpets should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. You can use a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for this if it will help make things easier.

      Although it is tempting to work fast and get the job done quickly, slow and methodical vacuum cleaning is recommended. This ensures the vacuuming is done thoroughly and all the dust is removed from the floors.

      You can also use the vacuum cleaner on hard floors, which typically resist other forms of dusting. After vacuuming, you should also do a round of mopping to remove any stubborn dirt and paint splits from the floor.

      post construction cleaning

      Task #5: Clean the air vents.

      Air vents are a magnet for dust and need extra attention in post-construction cleaning.

      Even though this is a frequently neglected part of post construction cleaning in Northern Virginia, ventilation is vital to a room’s air conditioning. These air vents are a magnet for dust, so they need extra attention during post construction cleaning.

      You should start by dusting and vacuuming inside your vents. Then, clean the outside grills to prevent potential clogging in your air conditioning or heating system. This will also stop dust from recirculating into the room that you’ve spent ages cleaning.

      When cleaning the air vents, be gentle to avoid damaging the air vent system.

      Task #6: Perform a final inspection.

      Do a final inspection of the construction site to make sure every area is clean.

      Before you sit back and relax after a rigorous cleaning exercise, do a final inspection of the construction site to make sure every area is clean. This final walkthrough should be meticulous and thorough. Pay attention to anything that may have been overlooked in the initial clean-up.

      There are bound to be areas that were forgotten or poorly cleaned. Dust, wipe or vacuum clean them to your heart’s content. Once you are confident that everything is clean, give the construction site one more grand tour, this time concentrating on minor details and anything else that appears off.

      Post Construction Cleaning in Northern Virginia

      We provide “industrial strength” post construction cleaning services, combining our regular cleaning tasks with the added removal of construction remnants such as nails, staples and fragments of drywall.

      Are you remodeling the kitchen or adding on a new bedroom? If so, you likely have a lot of dust and debris hanging around, even when construction is done. Instead of spending hours cleaning it up, get the pros involved!

      At Nordland Cleaning, we are experienced in cleaning services and come quickly to your home to detail clean it from top to bottom. Contact us at (240) 603-0727 to see how we can help you.