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      Do you know you can come in contact with 1,500 bacteria per square inch in a dirty bathroom?

      You also risk touching millions of viruses, mould spores and other germs that cause infectious diseases.

      Therefore, cleaning and disinfecting your bathroom every day is an important task.

      Overlooking it can not only be a health hazard but cause financial loss as well.

      Stains, grime, dirt and mineral deposits can threaten the structural integrity of surfaces and decrease functionality of fixtures.

      Renters can lose their bonds if the bathroom is inadequately clean on the day of the final inspection.

      You can hire professionals to deep clean your bathroom monthly or perform Northern Virginia cleaning services before vacating rental property.

      However, if you want to sanitise the area regularly, here is your ultimate bathroom cleaning guide. Have a look.

      Our Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning Guide

      Declutter Bathroom Cabinetry

      Bathroom cleaning is not limited to wiping and sanitising the surfaces and fixtures. You have to keep things inside it sorted.

      Bathrooms can get messy and cluttered with personal care items, medicines, cleaners and much more.

      Check each item to check its expiry and best before date and discard things that have expired.

      While disposing of cleaners, sanitisers or disinfectants read the instructions on the label to do so responsibly.

      Dust & Vacuum Bathroom Surfaces

      After decluttering, dust all the lights, exhaust fan, vent grates, and other fixtures.

      Move to dusting the ceilings, walls and baseboards to remove cobwebs, insect marks and scuff marks.

      Clean all countertops and shelves and remove dust, dirt, and debris from every nook and cranny of the room, starting from the ceiling.

      Always clean top to bottom because the contaminants fall down, and cleaned areas remain uncontaminated.

      It is a professional technique Northern Virginia cleaning services apply to save time and energy.

      Make sure to dust and vacuum the fans, exhausts, vents, lights, windows, and other fixtures, along with cabinets and countertops.

      For sanitising narrow spots, use the crevice tool of your vacuum cleaner or microfiber sleeves/gloves.

      Wipe Cabinetry, Mirrors, And Other Surfaces

      Wipe off mirrors, drawers, medicine cabinets and other surfaces using a microfiber cloth and multipurpose bathroom cleaner.

      For difficult stains and spots, make a paste of baking soda, dishwashing detergent, and water.

      Before using a gentle scrape and a moist cloth to clean the area, apply the paste to the filthy area and let it sit for 10 minutes.

      Pro Tip: Apply cleansers to the toilet, bathtub and sink before you begin wiping bathroom surfaces. These solutions need a dwell period of 10-15 minutes to function effectively and efficiently.

      Sanitise Common Points Of Contact

      Afterward, deep clean the bathroom’s high-touch fixtures and fittings, such as the switches, faucets, door/window handles, worktops, etc.

      Members of the household frequently contact these areas, which become contaminated with pollutants and bacteria.

      Sanitising them is therefore necessary to keep your bathroom clean and organised.

      Descale Shower Heads, Bidets And Faucets

      Mineral buildup on faucets, shower heads, and other water outlets is a risk associated with hard water.

      Wrapping microfiber towels soaked in white vinegar around these fixtures and leaving them for at least 30 minutes is one of the finest ways to descale.

      Spray with white vinegar once more if the clothes start to dry before the dwell time is up.

      To get shining fixtures, take off the cloths and wash the hardware in warm water and soap.

      Wash Toilet, Bathtub, And Sink

      Use a proper brush to scrub these fixtures once the dwell time of the toilet and bathroom cleansers applied to them has passed in order to get rid of the gunk and stains.

      Use toothbrushes with bendable heads for difficult-to-reach places since they can fit in toilets’ tight curves and the drains of bathtubs and sinks.

      Disinfect Everything

      After cleaning, disinfect all bathroom fixtures and surfaces since they still harbour bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

      Cleaning simply gets rid of physical contaminants; to get rid of them completely, you need to disinfect the area.

      Even Northern Virginia’s best cleaning services always clean first, then disinfect, for the best results.

      Use a disinfectant that can kill a range of pathogens, not only bacteria, when cleaning.

      Make sure it stays on a surface or object for at least ten minutes after liberally applying it.

      Respray the area if the solution dries before the dwell period is up.

      Wash And Mop Floors

      Finally, use a good floor cleanser to clean the bathroom, and then use a rubber squeegee to remove any excess water.

      Clean the floor by mopping it with a solution of disinfectant and water, then letting it air dry.

      Wrapping Up

      To live a healthy life, you must always keep your bathroom tidy and hygienic.

      In addition, it’s crucial to avoid the area getting very dirty or plagued with mould, especially if you’re a renter who paid a bond at the beginning of your rental.

      You can employ skilled cleaners in Northern Virginia to clean your bathroom after your lease expires.

      Alternately, follow the techniques in this bathroom cleaning guide provided above to quickly make your bathroom gleam and be germ-free.