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      Nordland Cleaning Service is a top-rated cleaning company in Northern Virginia that strives for customer and cleaner happiness.

      “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. John Wesley was first recorded saying the phrase in a sermon in 1778. But it originated long before his time somewhere in ancient Babylonian and Hebrew texts.

      Religions preach that being clean is a sign of spiritual purity and goodness. At Nordland Cleaning Service, the best cleaning company in Northern Virginia, we take that message to heart.

      We offer four types of cleaning services that include. As-needed cleaning, Construction cleaning, Move In/Out Cleaning and Initial and regular cleaning services for residents in Northern Virginia. The cleaning job can be a deep thorough cleaning or a regularly scheduled service.

      Our cleaners are the best in the cleaning company Northern Virginia business. They are extremely friendly and have the necessary experience to give your home or commercial real estate that sparkling glow.

      We specialize in cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas, and hallways, but are ready to clean any part of the home at any scheduled time. You can book your cleaning service online and cancel anytime. The booking can take as little as one minute.

      Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning company Northern Virginia deals and get special rates and discounts.

      You can even customize your cleaning job. Pick and choose different options like doing a deep cleaning of the bathroom or cleaning inside the fridge. Obscure tasks such as sweeping the garage or cleaning the basement can be added. Cleaning windows, walls even appliances, is a customizable option.

      This cleaning company Northern Virginia polishes as well as cleans. Stone polishing, as well as wood polishing, is an option with the value add-ons.

      Some of the most common areas we clean include bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. How deep the clean should be, will depend on you.

      A thorough bedroom cleaning includes vacuuming all carpets, rugs, and hard surface floors. Beds will be made and mirrors cleaned. Baseboards are dusted and wiped. Light organizing followed by wiping of all small, but frequently used surfaces will include doorknobs, doorframes, doors, and light switches.

      Bathroom cleaning, which can be one of the most difficult jobs, includes sanitization of the sink, bathtub, shower walls and glass doors. The toilet is always most thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. The standard tasks of wiping all surfaces, countertops and baseboards will be followed by extras such as towel changes.

      The kitchen is always a priority when it comes to having a clean household. We are one of a kind cleaning company in Northern Virginia because we take care of every detail. All nooks and crannies won’t be missed and we will even load the dishes in the dishwasher for you.

      The floors will be washed, the tables and chairs dusted and appliance exteriors like the stovetop, oven, range hood, fridge, microwave, and dishwasher appliance exteriors will be cleaned.

      We are a cleaning company serving Northern Virginia. Choosing the right cleaning company for you can be a trying task, but rest assured we will supersede all expectations.