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      Spring cleaning should not consume an entire day barring you from other undertakings.

      Having effective apartment cleaning Northern Virginia tips can help you spend less time cleaning and spend more time focusing on bettering your apartment.

      8 Tips To Tackling Your Spring Cleaning In Northern Virginia

      spring cleaning

      Stock up on Your Needs

      Before you start spring cleaning in Northern Virginia you should know what you need for the process.

      Consider ordering your working tools from a local store or borrowing from a friend. For a sparkling cleaning session, you may need the following-

      • All-purpose cleaner
      • Gloves, preferably rubber
      • A dry mop
      • Bathroom cleaner
      • Microfiber cloth
      • Vacuum with attachments

      Use Squeegee to Get Rid of Pet Fur

      If you have a cat or dog in your apartment, there is a high probability that the floors have traces of the pet’s hair.

      To protect your vacuum cleaner from clogging with the hair, use a squeegee. This removes clumps of hair for a perfect finish with the vacuum cleaner.

      Clean Room by Room

      Orderliness makes work easier and motivating.

      Trying to tackle the whole space at once overwhelms and demoralizes the cleaner. It is easier to tackle a room before the other.

      And, it is advisable to start with your favorite rooms when the energy is still fresh.

      spring cleaning

      Seek Help

      Probably you may be having roommates. During spring cleaning, they should be available to help you.

      If you live alone in an apartment you can turn to your friends and family for help in cleaning.

      Having help can transform the whole cleaning exercise into an hour.

      However, nobody may be willing to take the task for free, hence you need to offer some amount or prize since nothing is free.

      Clean Screens

      Screens of TVs and other electronics accumulate lots of dust over a period of time.

      Instead of using a spray cleaner, look for a coffee filter for an effective screen cleaning session. This will remove all the accumulated dust and perfect your viewing too.

      Sterilize Sponges

      If you are using a sponge to wipe surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen chances are that your sponges are covered but bacteria after some time.

      Failing to sterilize your sponges makes you spread the bacteria and germs all over the surfaces as you wipe.

      Wring water from the sponges and put them in a microwave for at least two minutes. This stains the sponges and kills the bacteria.

      Dust the Ceiling and Walls First

      Always dust the ceiling using a dry cloth before embarking on cleaning other parts.

      If you do not clean the ceiling and walls first you may end up doing the cleaning twice since dust will be falling after cleaning.

      spring cleaning

      Put all Tools in a Shower Caddy

      To avoid the inconveniences of misplacing tools as you work, put all your tools in a shower caddy for easy access.

      Misplacing tools during cleaning can make cleaner waste a lot of time looking for something. Having all tools in one place avoids such distractions.

      Whether you have roommates or you stay alone. Spending some time doing spring cleaning in Northern Virginia is both an exercise and a safety measure.

      You can also hire professionals to do the job for you.

      Hire us for your spring cleaning in Northern Virginia.

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