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      All About House Cleaning Services In Northern Virginia

      If you ask someone what is the most difficult home chore?? The answer you will get is house cleaning.

      Well, no doubt, house cleaning is a hectic and time-consuming job. You will have to spend your whole day if you choose to do it yourself.

      However, the good news is, now you can hire house cleaning services in Northern Virginia.

      From cleaning your kitchen, toilets, and garden, to organizing your pantry, house cleaning services will do it all for you.

      Sounds interesting and tempting, right???

      Here is everything you might want to know about house cleaning services in Northern Virginia. Read on and hire Nordland Cleaning Service to clean your house.

      What Are The Types Of House Cleaning Services?

      There are two types of house cleaning services in Northern Virginia.

      The first is one time house cleaning services and the other is recurring services.

      In the one time house cleaning services, you book an appointment with house cleaning service providers to clean your house one time only.

      This type of cleaning service is popular before a special occasion or after a party. You can choose a variety of cleaning services to be included in the package.

      The other type is recurring services. Just like one time house cleaning services in Northern Virginia, recurring house cleaning services also you choose the type of cleaning services you need for your home.

      However, it is not a one time job; you make a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly agreement with the cleaning company.

      What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A House Cleaning Company?

      house cleaning services

      Protection against health issues

      Cleaning can alleviate health issues like dust and other allergies. So, if you have any similar allergies, go for house cleaning services.


      House cleaning is a time-consuming job. And if you go on to clean your entire house in one day, your whole day will be consumed. Hiring house cleaning services will save you precious time.

      Apt House Cleaning services

      Neither you or your maid is trained to clean tricky and stubborn stains. And a little mistake can cause destroy your expensive appliances. Professional house cleaners are trained and equipped to clean any sort of stains.

      They are safe

      Unlike maids you hire for house cleaning, cleaners at house cleaning services are fully insured and safe. Cleaning companies hire these cleaners after extensive background. So, there is no need to worry about the safety of you and your home.

      Environment Friendly

      if you care about your mother earth and want to use environment-friendly cleaning methods, house cleaning services are the way to go. Just like you, house cleaning companies also believe in protecting the environment, and they only eco-friendly cleaning methods and equipment.

      What All Is Included In House Cleaning Services?

      House cleaning companies provide a range of different cleaning services.

      From carpet cleaning to toilet cleaning and Spring Cleaning you can clean everything.

      All you need to do is choose your required services and the company will offer you an appropriate cleaning package tailored to your needs.

      Here are a few common and popular house cleaning services that are included in recurring or one time house cleaning services in Northern Virginia:

      • Vacuuming of carpets of your entire house.
      • Deep cleaning of carpets using specialized cleaning equipment.
      • Sweeping and mopping of floors.
      • Cleaning kitchen cabinets and shelves.
      • Spot cleaning
      • Wiping countertops in your kitchen.
      • Cleaning of the oven, microwave oven, and stove.
      • Cleaning and wiping kitchen appliances like refrigerator, water dispenser.
      • Taking out the trash.
      • Changing bed linens
      • Making the bed in the morning.
      • Dishwashing
      • The dusting of your entire home including windows and rails.
      • Cleaning and sanitizing your toilets.
      • Proper cleaning of bathtubs, sinks, and shower area.
      • And much more….

      You can either choose all of these cleaning services or customize a package including exactly what you need. Nothing extra!!

      How To Prepare For A House Cleaning Service?

      house cleaning services

      House cleaning services are designed to give you ease. So, you don’t need to worry about anything. The cleaners will come will all cleaning supplies and equipment. You don’t need to buy anything.

      All you need to do is book an appointment according to your schedule.

      You can choose to stay home at the time of cleaning or leave the house to the cleaners, it’s totally your choice. Just choose the time you want to cleaners to come to your home, and sit back and relax. Your house will be cleaned on time.

      A Little About Nordland Cleaning

      For years, Nordland Cleaning Services has provided superior professional cleaning services to residents and businesses of Northern Virginia.

      If at any time you are not 100% satisfied with your service, please contact us within 24 hours after your cleaning. We will schedule a re-cleaning appointment on the next business day at no cost to you.

      Feel free to contact us or book an appointment for one time or regular home cleaning. We are waiting to make your house a happy place for you.