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      Christmas Deep Cleaning: How To Deep Clean Your House Before Christmas?

      Besides getting gifts for near/dear ones and putting up decorations, deep cleaning your home before Christmas is a major task you need to complete.

      During this festival, you can have people over for dinner, lunches, gatherings and parties.

      A dirty house can leave a bad impression on your guests or make your home look/smell bad.

      Therefore, you need to thoroughly sanitize and organize your abode at least a week before the holiday or before you put the tree and other decorations.

      Renters ending a tenancy should hire professional cleaners offering house cleaning services in Northern Virginia, as per requirement. Taking professional aid will ease your burden and reduce stress.

      But to deep clean your house before Christmas yourself, here are expert tips to know. Have a look.

      Christmas Deep Cleaning For Your House

      Remove Clutter

      Unwanted, old and broken things make your home look unkempt and hog space. Thus, the first step to deep cleaning and organizing your home is removing clutter.

      Here is how to do it properly.

      • Declutter room by room. Segregate every item into four categories – keep, discard, donate and resell.
      • Collect trash in garbage bags and dispose of them off responsibly.
      • Keep things in a reasonable usage state or brand new for donating or selling via a garage sale. These can be items you don’t use once a year or haven’t used for months.
      • Organize the remaining things utilizing the space you created by decluttering.

      Create A Cleaning Checklist

      Create a cleaning checklist outlining all the tasks you need to perform in each room, especially the kitchen, bathroom and living area.

      Professional house cleaners in Northern Virginia use checklists to sort their work according to importance.

      You can do the same, and it will also help you delegate chores among household members.

      This way, you streamline Christmas cleaning and ensure your house is sparkling when the guests arrive.

      Either use the traditional method of creating the list in a journal or go digital by downloading an application that allows you to put tasks in it without hassle.

      Many digital apps already have tasks fed in them, making it easier for users to know what to do. Additionally, these apps allow easy sharing of tasks and assignment of ownership to them.

      Vacuum Every Areas

      Vacuuming is among the first tasks you should complete to get rid of cobwebs, dust, dirt, dust mites, debris and other physical contaminants on household surfaces.

      Start by cleaning the most common areas like the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, etc.

      Your guests will spend the most time in these areas, and you need to ensure they are clean. Afterwards, focus on other areas of the house and the carpets, upholstery, curtains and beddings.

      Move top to bottom while vacuuming, which is a professional technique of experienced cleaners in Northern Virginia to get the best results. It helps prevent re-contamination of sanitized areas and saves time.

      Clean The Windows & Doors

      Entry points of your house need to look clean before Christmas as they are among the first things people notice after coming to your home.

      Dirty windows and doors can make a bad impression on your guests and make your house look uninviting. Therefore, make sure you vacuum the windows and doors, including their tracks and frames thoroughly.

      Additionally, spot-clean them before sanitizing with a multi-surface cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

      Remember not to clean windows on an extremely sunny day as the cleaning solution or water dries faster and leaves streaks.

      Get Carpets Professionally Cleaned

      Carpets accumulate dust, dirt, grime and bacteria over time, even with regular vacuuming causing them to look dirty and smell bad.

      Hence, it is a good idea to get them cleaned by professionals as they have the equipment, tools and products to remove pollutants, allergens, dander etc., embedded deep into the fibres of the fixture.

      You can hire professional cleaners to shampoo or steam clean the carpets in your home.

      You can avail of these services for house cleaning in Alexandria, VA or general house maintenance. If the carpets are new, taking this measure is the best way to have clean carpets and avoid nulling the warranty.

      Clean & Disinfect Common Points Of Contact

      Common points of contact such as handles, knobs, appliances, remote controls, and many other are hubs of germs.

      They facilitate the transfer of illness-causing bacteria and viruses from one household member to another. Thus, you must clean then disinfect them multiple times in a day.

      Wash Beddings, Pillowcases, Table Covers etc.

      Make sure you wash the fabrics items & covers in all the rooms as they trap allergens, dead skin, dander and dust, making them the perfect places for dust mites and bacteria.

      Unclean covers not only look dirty but pollute indoor air with bad odours. Thus, make sure you wash the following items at least once a week with a mild detergent and sanitize with a safe disinfectant.

      • Table and Cushion Covers
      • Curtains
      • Hand and bath towels
      • Bedsheets, pillowcases, blankets, and pullovers
      • Area rugs and doormats

      Read the instruction on tags to wash everything correctly and avoid ruining items you use during festive seasons.


      Christmas is among the most celebrated and enjoyable festivals of the year. It is when you can catch up with family members & friends, exchange gifts and have a gala time.

      Therefore, it is crucial your house is clean for the guests and to have fun.

      You can hire professional house cleaners in Northern Virginia. However, for doing it yourself, follow the tips shared above to deep clean your house before Christmas.