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      Most everyone’s home is in some state of disarray. Laundry may be undone, or not put away.

      Kitchen and bathroom countertops may be cluttered or not wiped down. Sinks are stained and dull. Floors and carpets have crumbs or pet hair all over them.

      Couch pillows are on the floor or smooshed into a corner of the sofa. Throws and blankets are hanging off the sides, or balled into a lump on the bed.

      Beds are unmade, shoes are everywhere, and paperwork and school work have taken over your dining table so much that you are forced to eat on the couch.

      While these conditions are normal, and most households have to contend with the same issues, they add unnecessary stress and problems into your everyday life. You don’t have to live like this.

      Cleaning can improve your life in ways you never thought possible. Here are five enlightening facts that will help you change the way you see cleaning.

      Clean is the Goal, Not the Enemy

      A lot of people see cleaning as a horrible chore. It’s perceived as unpleasant work that has to be done, never something that someone wants to do.

      But when you fight against things in life, it becomes a battle.

      Putting a clean house as something that is a fight doesn’t serve you well.

      Think about it. If you wake up each morning knowing that you have a battle to wage, does that make you want to hop out of bed and get started?

      Not likely. Instead, it probably makes you want to burrow deeper under your covers and pretend to be asleep for as long as possible.

      But when you change your mindset about having a clean house, then cleaning becomes a useful, pleasant undertaking instead of a nasty battle to be fought every waking hour.

      To see clean as the goal, consider the many ways that a clean house can improve your life.

      Fewer Sicknesses

      When dust and pollen are allowed to accumulate in your home, the health of your whole family is put at risk.

      Allergens like pet dander and pollen can exacerbate allergy symptoms and flare-ups in allergy sufferers.

      Even people who don’t suffer from allergies can benefit from a clean house.

      Those who have compromised immune symptoms like the elderly or those on certain prescription medications are also at risk.

      But when you have a clean house, everyone in your family can enjoy fewer sick days spent in bed.

      A clean house supports a healthier life, and that’s a goal worth attaining.

      Better Grades

      Did you know that helping your kids organize and declutter can help them improve their grades? Kids don’t automatically know how to tame the paper dragon.

      Papers just keep piling up on their school desk, then overflowing into their backpacks, and finally onto your kitchen table.

      Invest in some organizers like whiteboards and wall calendars, peg boards and bulletin boards to help kids get a handle on their schedules and responsibilities, as well as extracurricular.

      When you get out from under all that paper, you’ll all be more inspired to keep the house spic and span.

      If cleaning still feels like a chore that you don’t have time for, invest in a house cleaning service.

      This weekly investment will improve your home environment and your life now and into the future.