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      Are you planning a family event? Or perhaps you’re anticipating out-of-town visitors? You can rely on Nordland Cleaning Service in Northern Virginia, the area’s best home cleaning business, for one time cleaning services in Northern Virginia.

      You’ll receive comprehensive, cost-efficient, and effective disinfection and sanitizing treatments that kill germs at their source. Our skilled house cleaners utilize ecologically friendly materials that aid in the removal of microorganisms on contact while also promoting healthy air quality.

      With our crew on your side, you’ll receive a thorough cleaning, giving you more time to spend with your family.

      Cleaning Can Be Performed Once for a Variety of Reasons

      Regardless of the extent of the cleaning or the size of your home, our house cleaning company offers comprehensive professional home cleaning services In Northern Virginia that address a variety of concerns.

      Unpleasant Odors That Remain

      Odors in your house might originate from a variety of sources. If unpleasant odors emanate from various areas in your home, you can contact us to deodorize the area. We make certain to utilize high-quality chemicals that disinfect and restore the fresh, clean smell to your property.

      Dust Accumulates Rapidly

      At times, it may appear as though dust builds quicker than you can remove it from your home. Dust particles in the air can aggravate chronic respiratory diseases and irritate allergy sufferers’ sinuses.

      Allow our experienced cleaners to make breathing easier for you and your family with one time cleaning services in Northern Virginia that include thorough dusting of all surfaces.

      Dull, Old, and Dirty Hard Surfaces

      When hard surfaces in your home begin to look dull due to grime, dust, or aging, you need professionals to restore them to their former glory. Our one time house cleaning professionals are prepared to restore the luster to your dull-looking, aged, and filthy surfaces.

      A Scale, Grime, and Dirt Buildup

      Dirt, filth, and mineral deposits can accumulate over time if you do not thoroughly clean your faucets and showerheads. With our powerful cleaning solutions, our crew can blast through those tough stains on everything from floors to countertops, giving your property the like-new feel it deserves.

      Your Allergies Have Increased in Severity

      If you or a member of your family suffers from allergies on a continuous basis while indoors, it may be a sign that dirt, dust, and pet dander are harming your indoor air quality. Our crew wants to assist you in eliminating airborne allergens by scrubbing, mopping, sweeping, and dusting surfaces.

      Capable and Skilled

      Nordland Cleaning Service’s provides you with the top one time cleaning service specialists in Alexandria, Arlington, Ballston, Clarendon, Crystal City, Del Ray, Falls Church, McLean, Old Town and Shirlington, and charges economical rates.

      Allow the professionals to handle the cleaning while you enjoy your newly acquired spare time guilt-free! They’ve seen it all, so when you invite a professional cleaner into your home for a one time cleaning, you can rest assured that the job will be done correctly.


      With a customer support team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can schedule your one time cleaning at your convenience. Have you awoken to discover that the party you hosted was a little dirtier than anticipated? Need to clean your rental home in preparation for new tenants in less than a month?

      Contact Nordland Cleaning Service whenever you require their services.