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      So you’ve just finished a major remodel of your Northern VA home. Or, perhaps construction is finally complete on the new home of your dreams. You’re all ready to get settled into your new home and surroundings. Not quite yet. You have a bit of post construction cleaning to do.

      Remodels and new home constructions, while exhilarating and exciting, can be messy. Take a look at all the dirt and dust left behind. No corner is safe.

      Not to worry. Follow our helpful post construction cleaning tips and it’ll all disappear like magic.

      Our 3 Tips For Your Post Construction Cleaning

      Post Construction Cleaning Tip #1: It’s time to take out the trash.

      We’d like to think that any good contractor or construction crew diligently disposes of the mess when they’ve completed construction.

      While many do, some aren’t quite as efficient as they could be where clean-up is concerned. So do a good walk-through, inside and outside of your home and property.

      You may need to sort according to what you find: paint cans, nails, packaging of materials, leftover materials, etc. Some of it you may want to keep in the garage.

      Some may need to be recycled, while the rest will clearly be headed for a disposal site. Check local Northern VA ordinances to find out how post-construction materials should be disposed of.

      Post Construction Cleaning Tip #2: Remove any stickers left behind.

      New construction usually means new appliances, new windows, new everything. Many of these items will have stickers on them that will need to be removed.

      You may also come across manuals for your appliances or electronics or other papers that may have warranty information. Pay special attention to sorting these out and fill out any warranty information that may be required for your warranty to be in effect.

      Store manuals and warranty information in a designated place for easy retrieval if needed down the road.

      Post Construction Cleaning Tip #3: Time to tackle all that dust.

      You can count on there being lots of dust post-construction. And who wants that?

      Think of all the sawing and hammering that went on during construction. The obvious solution is that it’ll all need to be wiped away. This chore has its own checklist:

      • Clean windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces to a sparkling shine.
      • Wipe down blinds if you have any.
      • Wash the walls of your beautiful new home, paying extra attention to scuffed up areas and smudges that were left behind.
      • Wipe down baseboards, door frames, mantles, and other wood surfaces of the home.
      • Clean and wipe down any ceiling fans in your home.
      • Vacuum/clean any upholstery that may have been in the home during construction. Particles as fine as dust have surely made their way into every crease and corner of your furniture.
      • Wipe and disinfect countertops and cabinets. Don’t forget the insides of your cabinets and closets. These likely have dust in them as well.
      • Clean and disinfect bathrooms from top to bottom and side to side.
      • Clean the fireplace, if your home has one.
      • Dust any air conditioning and heater grates and vents that are in your home.
      • Clean floors, whether they’re hardwood floors, tile, or carpet, paying special attention to corners where dust has likely gathered. Sometimes it pays to get down on all fours when cleaning the bare floors of your home when construction is complete. Once you do it, you shouldn’t have to do it again for a while.
      • Sweep the exterior surface floors of your home, i.e. your home’s, garage, deck, and porch areas.
      • Power wash the exterior of your home.

      Now that you realize all the work that goes into post construction cleaning, you may want to hire a Northern VA cleaning service company to do it all for you.

      There are many benefits to doing so, and probably the best part is you don’t have to do it all yourself. You’ll be able to focus solely on having your post construction home in its best move-in ready condition.