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      8 Things You Need To Remember When Spring Cleaning

      Winter is becoming a distant memory and the summer holidays are fast approaching.

      In the midst of those two things, we have spring. As the flowers start to bloom and the nights begin to get lighter, our homes are all in need of a refresh.

      It’s time for some spring cleaning and we’ve got 8 tips or things to remember, so you can vanquish the winter and spring duster-first into, well, spring!

      Things You Need To Remember When Spring Cleaning

      spring cleaning

      1. Plan Your Way To Cleanliness

      You will know your house better than anyone, so if some areas need a little more attention than others, it’s best to plan your schedule around that.

      Which rooms generally get missed during your normal day-to-day routine?

      Are there rooms that need the most work (kids bedrooms usually), then it’s best to tackle those places first.

      2. Declutter

      One of the most satisfying aspects of a deep house clean is decluttering the home.

      We all accrue “stuff” over the years, some of which we hang on to for longer than we need to.

      If you have rooms packed with that stuff, it’s time to be honest with yourself and get rid of what you don’t need.

      If they’re not for you, they might be useful for someone else, so you don’t have to throw them out; sell them, give them away or donate them to charity.

      You’ll feel better and someone else might just be waiting to put it to some use.

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      3. Be An Airhead

      Many homes now have an air purification system installed.

      This is a piece of equipment that filters pollen, dust and dirt to help those with allergies or hay-fever and are becoming more and more popular.

      If you have one, then part of your spring cleaning regime needs to include replacing or cleaning the filter that they use to ensure they are working at the optimal level.

      4. Be Brave

      There are a couple of rooms in everyone’s home that bring a sense of dread when it comes to cleaning. The bathroom(s) and kitchen will undoubtedly need a little more work.

      Don’t be scared.

      Whilst these rooms get more intensive use than any other, it doesn’t mean they can be forgotten.

      In the kitchen, you can wipe down your kitchen worktops and cupboard doors, empty and clean the shelves in the fridge, defrost the freezer and steam clean the oven.

      In the bathrooms, don’t forget to clean the shower door (or curtain) and go through those cabinets to remove any out-of-date or empty jars and bottles.

      spring cleaning

      5. Less is Enough

      It’s easy to be overwhelmed when looking for cleaning products in the supermarkets. Rows and rows of cleaning chemicals all promising to make your life easier.

      The fact is, you don’t need very much to get your house looking fantastic.

      All you really need for most jobs is a good all-purpose cleaner, some warm water, a few micro-fibre cloths and a little elbow grease.

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      6. Wonder Walls

      Whilst most of your efforts will probably be focussed on defrocking wardrobes, cleaning under sofas and decluttering cupboards, don’t forget that your walls, windows and ceiling need some love too.

      Walls, pelmets and your windows accumulate dust and dirt over time too.

      Wash your walls, clean your windows (inside and out) and even your skirting-boards need a once over to keep them looking their best.

      7. Create Clean Habits

      It’s one thing to blitz the house once a year, but it can take a lot of time and effort. It’s a great idea to use this time to establish some more regular routines throughout the year.

      Doing some chores daily or weekly for a few minutes can eliminate the need for the annual cleaning frenzy.

      8. Make It Family Time

      Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a solo experience.

      Get the whole family involved and get the whole thing done in record time. It can be made fun; make it a race, see who can fill a bin bag the quickest, etc.

      Crank up the music and maybe even have a family incentive for everyone who gets involved.

      Spring cleaning is a necessary evil, but we all want to live in a clean home. Sadly it doesn’t happen by magic but a little work can make a whole world of difference.

      spring cleaning

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