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      Have you recently completed a renovation or construction project at your home? Worried about post-construction cleanup? In such situation, the right thing to do will be to hire experts to take over the task of professional post construction cleaning in Northern Virginia to make every part of your home completely free of dust and debris.

      Here, we will look into some of the important cleaning tasks experts perform as part of post construction cleaning.

      Tasks Performed During Post Construction Professional Cleaning:

      Wipe/Clean all the Surfaces

      During post construction cleaning in Northern Virginia, the first thing experts do is wipe off the dust from all the surfaces. Dry dusting is the option technicians select instead of using a damp cloth since it helps in preventing damage to paint or lacquer of different surfaces.

      Experts ensure that baseboards, top of cabinets, inside drawers, and interior shelves are thoroughly wiped. Lastly, thorough cleaning is performed for hard floors since dust is easily visible on hard floors.

      Apart from cleaning flat surfaces, professional cleaners also focus on cleaning items which are often overlooked like:

      • Ceiling fans
      • Small appliances
      • Windowsills
      • Lamp shades
      • Light fixtures
      • Furniture
      • Doorknobs

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      Vacuum Upholstery and Carpets

      If it was a renovation project, then it is likely that debris and dust will be entering other parts of your home.

      Dust will quickly embed into carpet’s fiber and also into upholstery items such as couch cushions, curtains, and furniture. As such, cleaning experts perform vacuuming to achieve deep cleaning of all upholstered items and carpets.

      Air Filter Replacement

      During construction work debris and dust tend to seep into air vents of a home. As such, professional cleaners make sure that air filters are replaced, and the vents are also thoroughly cleaned using water and detergent.

      Such measures ensure that you and your family members will not have to face respiratory problems due to presence of unfiltered air in the rooms.

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      Pressure Washing of the Outdoors

      If construction work involved outdoor extension or new construction, then pressure washing will be required for sidewalks as well as exterior walls.

      In addition, cleaning experts clean and sweep porches, clean threshold, wipe exterior lights, and wash the walkways. Such cleaning will ensure that aesthetic appeal of your home remains the same and your home appears welcoming after construction work finishes.

      Cleaning Crevices and Crawlspaces

      Rooms such as kitchens are full of crevices that can get overlooked if proper attention is not given during cleanup. Experienced post-construction cleaning professionals do not make such mistake and ensure that such crevices and crawlspaces are cleaned in right manner.

      For instance, technicians ensure that all the counters and shelves in a kitchen are dusted, appliances are cleaned, window tracks and sills are dust free, fixtures are wiped down, and back splash as well as sink is visibly clean.

      We can conclude by saying that thorough clean-up is an important task that is to be performed after any type of construction work.

      Hiring a professional firm for this task like Nordland Cleaning Service is the right thing to do since they have needed experience and access to required cleaning product and equipment to achieve best possible results.

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