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      Cleaning is one of the processes and activities that each individual needs to uphold. It is a highly demanded business in Northern Virginia.

      The cleaning is especially important for ones’ health, as well as good organization and easier functioning. Since the earliest days, the kids are being thought that cleaning and tidying are part of healthy living. As we as persons grow and become adults, it is an obligation to each of us to keep the place we live and work in the best possible condition.

      In its most basic meaning, cleaning is the process of removing dirt from certain surfaces. In the homes, the cleaning can be conducted on almost all objects and surfaces. In the office, the cleaning comes down to keeping your workstation clean as well as cleaning conducted by a service that does the maintenance of the offices.

      In the residential buildings, the cleaning refers to all the common grounds where all the inhabitants live and use them together. In those terms, the cleaning can be different, as well as apply to different places and be done in different frequencies.

      What Is Cleaning?

      The meaning of the word and the process of cleaning is “Free from dirt or pollution, free from contamination or disease”. It is also an act of cleaning dirt especially from the surface of something. Cleaning is a process that has been present since the appearance of men. It is a chore, an obligation that everyone is expected to keep and uphold to ensure good health and better functioning.

      The cleaning can be done with the use of different tools and products, which, over time, have changed a lot.

      Today, not only the tools and products for cleaning are different, but the entire perception and the process of cleaning is quite different than it used to be. This is because the world we live in today is far dirtier, inhabited, and busier than it was in the past, or 50 years ago. This speaks a lot of the evolution of people and the world itself, as well as the development of cleaning as an industry and the presence of cleaning business companies.

      Of course, experienced professional cleaners in Northern Virginia know that the meaning of cleaning goes far beyond making sure that the area that is treated is free of dirt and contamination from the surface of “something”. However, before the 12th century, the word clean was only used in print.

      Back then, the cleaners have been doing work that did not have a clear definition. With this arises the question of how the customers will be able to define the needs and the importance of cleaning if the cleaners themselves had this problem?

      Overall, there is not only one definition of the word “cleaning” that is accepted by all and this is what makes a difference in that industry.

      With a mixture of the most important benefits of the cleaning, one can get to the most diverse and wide explanation of what does cleaning means in Northern Virginia – A removal of visible and invisible soil through a mechanical and manual process, where the health protection is and always will be the primary benefit of cleaning.

      The History of Cleaning

      The history of cleaning is closely connected to the evolution of cleaning practices and cleaning products. In the earliest times, the only cleaning product that people had at their disposal was plain water – this was back in prehistoric times. They used the water for everything – for keeping the personal hygiene, as well as washing the plates they ate in and the fabric they used to cover themselves, which served as clothes.

      However, as the world developed, the water was not enough. In the mid-1900s, the history of cleaning products began to change. What made especially a boom was the modern soap. And the soap was just the starter. Over the past fifty years, the soaps and the detergents expanded so much, that they today are included as automatic dishwasher products, liquid soaps, laundry fabric softeners, enzyme products, cold water detergents, concentrated powders, etc.

      The use of cleaning products in the process of cleaning is more than obvious. It all comes down to personal cleanliness and health. What is interesting to mention, is the composition of the cleaning products and their evolution. From the very beginning, washing the dirt and mud was made by water.

      At the start of the Middle Ages, the cleaning compounds were made of mixes of ashes, animal or plant fats, and oils. The fall of the Roman Empire led to reduced cleanliness and the appearance of catastrophic diseases, from which many people died. By the 17th century, bathing and cleanliness came in a completely new different light and meaning.

      The last few centuries have put soap as a luxury item. When the soap became affordable for the wider population, people started to see its benefits, outside the personal hygiene product. In the early 1800s, soap chemistry improved so much, that it became one of the major and most important things in the prevention of spreading diseases.

      Another important invention that is part of many cleaning processes today is the invention of the washing machine. This was followed by the modern developments in soap chemistry, and just after World War II, detergents became more popular than soap.

      The history of the cleaning is very important so the process of cleaning itself can be understood and practiced most properly. The greatest results of the cleaning come from the use of the right cleaning products.

      The cleaning products today are safer and much better for public use, but also nature and the environment too. There are lots of different chemical researches conducted constantly that lead to the development of even more modern detergents and cleaners that are used in the janitorial and cleaning services worldwide.

      With all of the above-mentioned, it is more than obvious that cleaning is a part of every individual’s and every business’s functioning and prosperity. One company cannot function without having cleaners that will keep the premises clean and work-appropriate for all those who daily enter them.

      The same goes for the living space. A dirty and filthy home can majorly affect one’s health, leading to very serious diseases.

      Green vs Clean

      Another important issue that is part of the cleaning in Northern Virginia is the green cleaning. It is a type of cleaning that is using only environmentally preferably products. It has been present in the industry for more than 30 years.

      It became a movement in the 1970s, but the biggest changes worth mentioning happened in the 1990s. It was around 1192 when the definition of green cleaning was established – The use of products and services that reduce health and environmental impacts compared to similar products and services used for the same purpose.

      Today, the green market features products that are as effective as regular ones. It means that the concept of green vs. clean no longer exists because these two are now intertwined.

      There is no green cleaning, but cleaning green. The first reason people clean is to remove the dirt and prevent the spread of diseases. So, to be green, one needs to clean, and by that, you can choose green products to clean

      What Does Cleaning in Northern Virignia Means?

      What does cleaning in Northern Virginia means? Besides the regular definition of cleaning, all working and living in Northern Virginia, at some point, would need a cleaning service.

      This is most usually done by hiring professionals, who specialize in this area and that can help each individual or business with their cleaning needs.

      The cleaning market in Northern Virginia is extremely saturated, with lots of companies offering the most varied services.

      But, what makes Nordland Cleaning in Northern Virignia stand out is the impeccable service and the offer it provides. Cleaning is more than dusting and moping. It is a process that is not a one-time thing. Depending on the place, cleaning can be required more frequently than usually expected.

      Overall, there are three most common cleaning and sanitizing methods that are widely used. As mentioned above, regular cleaning and sanitizing are essential to ensuring the overall safety and well-being of the people. Especially in times of pandemic, maintaining regular cleaning and sanitizing schedule is vital for good business and health.

      Many viruses and other illnesses can occur due to poor cleaning and sanitizing procedures. When deciding on the best method for cleaning and sanitizing a particular item, you need to consider:

      • The item/place that needs to be cleaned;
      • The type of soiling;
      • The water supply;
      • Water temperature;
      • Cleaning and sanitizing agents.

      The three most common cleaning and sanitizing methods are:

      1. Manual
      2. Mechanical
      3. Clean-in-place

      1. Manual Cleaning and Sanitizing

      Manual cleaning and sanitizing in used for surfaces, equipment, and utensils. Manual cleaning is something that individuals often request for their homes. This is the most common cleaning because the homes are full of different furniture and objects that need to be manually cleaned. The process of manual cleaning can cover many different aspects and areas, which eventually, depending on the condition that the home is in.

      For example, regular manual services cover dusting, mopping, cleaning windows, cleaning curtains, bathrooms, and kitchens, clanging the bedsheets, towels, taking out the garbage. Sometimes, these services can have add-ins like putting things in the dishwashing machine or laundry machine putting them to work, as well as emptying them.

      2. Mechanical Cleaning and Sanitizing

      Mechanical cleaning is a process that involves the use of tools and equipment that do the cleaning. It is different from manual cleaning because it is done with the use and the help of machines. Machine cleaning and sanitizing is a service that is required for bigger places and where a lot of ground needs to be covered. It is a great choice for different kinds of businesses and one great example of mechanical cleaning is the cleaning provided in places like shopping malls, airports, stations, etc.

      There are different types of products that are used for mechanical cleaning and they are designed so that they can keep these types of areas cleaner and sanitized for a longer time. In fact, it means that they are stronger and more long-lasting. Those types of products are not suitable for manual cleaning, because they are designed for machine use.

      3. Clean-In-Place and Sanitizing

      Clean-in-place is another service that is very demanded. As the name suggests, it requires and is designed to be ”cleaned in place”. This is usually done for equipment that is too big to move, as well as in places that need regular cleaning of some machines and equipment that they work daily with.

      For example, this is a service that production plants, food restaurants, coffee shops, and similar businesses might require. It can be used for soft-serve ice cream machines, coke dispensers, espresso machines, etc.

      These types of machines are usually designed with pipes or other apparatus that allows the equipment to be properly cleaned. For example, hot water, detergent, and sanitizer are flushed through the machine to remove dirt and soiling and eliminate microorganisms.

      Sanitizers and Disinfectants as Part of the Cleaning Process

      Sanitizers and disinfectants as part of the cleaning process, Cleaning is one of the processes and activities that each individual needs to uphold many people do the mistake of interchanging the terminology of these two words because they have many similarities. In general, a sanitizer or disinfectant must prove its ability to kill a certain percentage of bacteria, viruses, or fungi.

      The main difference between sanitizers and disinfectants is that sanitizers reduce the number of germs on a surface whereas disinfectants kill most of them.

      Why Are Cleaning and Sanitizing Important?

      As mentioned many times before, cleaning and sanitizing are very important essential for living a healthy life and preventing the appearance or spread of diseases. This is connected to the air we breathe since it can become polluted and contaminated if the place you live or work in is not clean and taken care of.

      Keeping the place that you exist in clean is essential and it protects you from pest infestations, allergies, poisoning, and many other things that might come up in being in a dirty and unsuitable environment. For all of these and many more situations, cleaning is the only solution.

      From all of the above-mentioned, it is more than evident that cleaning has many different definitions and meanings, but above all, it is a process that provides a safe and healthy environment from viruses and bacteria.

      Just like personal hygiene is important for every human, the home and the office hygiene are as important. The cleaning requirements and the necessity of cleaning are a worldwide demand, and different companies specialize in offering different services.

      What is cleaning mean in Northern Virginia is a demand that comes from the social, cultural, and personal needs of its citizens.

      As a clean and green city, Northern Virginia supports and encourages its citizens as well the people all around the world to keep the environment, nature, their homes, gardens, and offices clean. By being clean, all of us contribute to better living, safer, and healthier conditions that are crucial for existence.

      Nordland Cleaning in Northern Virginia is dedicated to this department, offering the most professional and varied services, not only to their clients but to the city too.

      By choosing Nordland Cleaning as your cleaning choice in Northern Virginia, you are trusting in the company that has a lot to offer. While we clean your home, you can spend your time with your family, or doing something that will support your community.

      Cleaning has and will always be demanded and needed, so be sure to pick the best choice and enjoy the spotless cleanliness we provide