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      7 Apartment Cleaning Tips Before the Big Move

      Today, more American families are renting houses than at any other point in the last 50 years.

      If you live in a rented house, the chances are that you might need to move or change homes at some point. The process of moving is often hectic and draining.

      Apart from thinking about the new apartment, you intend to move to; you also need to consider leaving a clean space in your current abode. Deep cleaning your current apartment before finally exiting is critical.

      Apartment cleaning before moving ensures that you leave the current house in a habitable state for future renters.

      By doing this, you also increase your chances of maximizing your claim for the initial deposit.

      Could you be stuck trying to figure out how to go about cleaning an apartment before moving?

      In this article, you’ll learn how to go about apartment cleaning.

      7 Apartment Cleaning Tips Before the Big Move

      Clear the Cobwebs

      Cobwebs are an eyesore! If you have failed to clear the cobwebs for a while, this could be the perfect timing to remove all cobwebs.

      Part of apartment cleaning involves cleaning the ceilings to ensure that no traces of cobwebs are visible.

      An apartment that’s infested by cobwebs looks old and unkempt.

      The good thing is that you can proceed to clear out the cobwebs using a broom or a vacuum cleaner. If yours is a popcorn ceiling, you may use a dam high-nap paint roller over the ceiling.

      The approach will help you clear out any dust particles in the ceiling. Once the cobwebs are out of the way, you’ll have one less concern to handle.

      Dust the Blinds

      The blinds are often highly susceptible to dust accumulation. Unless you pay attention to this conspicuous part of your house, you’ll leave your apartment looking messy.

      The good thing about cleaning the blinds is that you only need to have water and a pair of socks.

      Once you have these, you only need to put on the pair of socks as gloves, then run your hand across each of the rungs on the blinds to rid them of the accumulated dust.

      If you have been overthinking how to go about cleaning your apartment blinds, then now you know that this process is pretty straightforward.

      Work Towards the Door

      Once you feel satisfied that the roof and the blinds are okay, it’s to time for the real job.

      The best way to go about apartment cleaning should be to work towards the door. This means working from the farthest corner of the house, all the way towards the exit.

      This approach is essential, considering that it allows you to embrace a systematic process of cleaning. You don’t want to trod over freshly vacuum-cleaned carpets.

      You also would wish to avoid leaving dusty marks on the sparkly floors. Starting from the farthest part of the apartment means that you won’t need to keep going back to specific spots in the house.

      Start With the Closets

      There could be things you want to get off the closet before moving. Most closets are often full of odds and ends.

      Even after decluttering in readiness to move, your wardrobe still needs a deep cleaning.

      If the shelves have vinyl or decorative covers, exercise greater cautiousness to avoid damages.

      Work your way around any mystery marks or stain of gross that may be in the closet. If you are unable to handle this process, you could always call our team of experts.

      Some parts of the apartment tend to be hard to clean, a situation that may require the input of a specialist.

      Don’t Forget the Windows

      There’s always the chance that you’ll neglect the windows when cleaning the apartment in readiness to move.

      If this happens, you might have overlooked one of the essential parts of your home. The best way to avoid an embarrassing situation when handing back the apartment is to ensure that the windows are clean and sparkly.

      Dust off the locks and anything in between the sliding tracks.

      It may also help to call in experts in window cleaning if you aren’t sure of how to go around the process of washing the windows.

      Sometimes, due to a lack of experience, you might mess up the cleaning process.

      Move to the Walls and the Baseboards

      You might need to be extra cautious when cleaning the walls and the baseboards.

      You don’t want to end up interfering with the coat of paint when the process is finally over.

      One critical pro-tip to have in mind when cleaning your walls and baseboards is always to use the appropriate cleaner that complements the paint finish.

      This is important to avoid having to repaint affected wall patches. The risk of wall damage is why more people consider apartment cleaning from the more seasoned professional companies.

      Vacuum Carpets and Mop Floors

      You started from the top with the roof, then moved to the farthest corners, now it’s time to mop the floors.

      But first, vacuum the carpets to give them that unique, sparkly wash. Once done with the vacuuming, it’s time to focus on the floors.

      Mopping the floor may seem easy, but it’s never a walk in the park.

      Apartment cleaning can be challenging if the current house has multiple rooms. If you feel overwhelmed, you could always call us in for support with wet mopping your floors and carpet vacuuming.

      Get Apartment Cleaning Services Today

      The idea of moving into a new apartment sounds fascinating. However, before you move, you need to deal with any mess in the current apartment.

      Apartment cleaning requires a specific focus on the entire home, from the roof to the entry point.

      Everything in between, including the windows, blinds, closets, and carpets, require a thorough wash. While you might be able to deal with a few aspects of the apartment washing process, you’ll be better off calling in the experts.

      Apartment cleaning requires dedication and precision. If you don’t have the time, yet you need urgent and satisfactory services, contact us today for unmatched delivery.